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Best Real Estate Apps for Agents

Posted by admin on May 3, 2016
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Co-Founder and Editor in Chief of BC Media Group and all its properties.

Co-Founder and Editor in Chief of BC Media Group and all its properties.

When you research the best apps for real estate agents, you will come across thousands of apps all having a list of different tools at your disposal.   The reason the app market is so saturated is simply because no two agents take the same approach when it comes to organizing their work. Each agent has his/her unique set of preferences and needs that will dictate which real estate app to use.  That said, there are several popular smartphone, tablet and desktop apps real estate agents should try out.  We’ve narrowed the list down to the top 20 real estate apps to make agents lives a little bit easier.


You will notice a different twist to Homesnap if you compare it to other apps in the market. Real estate agents will find this app useful especially because it allows them to learn more about places they already like. By simply snapping a photo with Homesnap, you will have the latest update on your client’s dream home. Get to know which house has good investment potential. The “Appreciation potential” feature also helps agents know the homes Homesnap thinks will be loved by clients.


Tips and tactics of impressing a client are what can make a real estate agent stand out from the rest.  This app discovers the best bistros, cafés and other eateries in your area through social recommendations. Localeur ensures that you take clients, leads and associates to eat and at the best joints in town. Boost your confidence and make a good first impression to you clients with the help of Localeur.


The market offers you dozens of amazing real estate listing presentations software options. A number of them are too convoluted for an average agent to understand. FlowVella is that minimalist platform that can help you consult and compare market analysis (CMA) presentations. Slick looking slides that can accommodate audio, texts, video clips or images will make your creation stand out. This app helps you prove to your clients how modern you are with digital savvy.

Evernote Scannable

This is the other top-notch app for Android and iOS marketplace that allows you to go paperless when you are striking deals as an agent. Evernote Scannable from Evernote scans receipts, offers sheets and any other crucial files to your real estate transactions. Gone are the days when you had to use an actual scanner back at home or in the office simply because your boss and job description demanded you to. This app saves you time and energy.


Apple is a company known to create various outstanding gadgets. iPhones can sync with iPads, which sync with Macs, which sync with Apple TVs. However, Android users now have a nifty way to share files from their phones and take calls on their laptops or desktops. Introducing the AirDroid, the best app that allows you to share screens, videos, photos and any other relevant real estate data to your computer and vice versa. Agents don’t have to type on their PCs.


Agents and brokers understand very well the three cloud storage options listed as “alternatives.” However, trying out new tactics and techniques in your business puts you at a whole new level. Infinit is that app that allows you to share limitless-size files at a super-sonic speed. This app makes swapping videos, photos, PDFs, Word Docs and many more file types an easy task. You can exchange them between smartphones and PCs.


This is a popular app among those who prefer having efficient budgeting and a financial goal-setting tool on the market. The best part is that the app has been updated to offer new integration with bank accounts, loans and other financial records known to real estate agents. What this app does is make sure you stay on top of your personal finances. Beginner real estate agents will find this app helpful. This is beneficial especially to those who are Millennials and also happen to have a fair share of student loan debt on their hands.


You no longer have to complete your paperwork or deals in the office. DocuSign is what you need. This app has become one of the most trusted tools in the real estate marketplace. It’s beneficial especially for agents who prefer going paperless and getting deals done quicker.  In fact, signing apps are one of the biggest trends for real estate technology today. So streamline your work with DocuSign.


It’s impossible for any real estate agent, professional or beginner to ace his/her real estate marketing tactics overnight. Practice and routine makes it happen. If the agent has a consistent rhythm with his blogging, email marketing, social media posting and other promotional tasks, he may be able to get the best out of the market. RescueTime is the tool that can help you master digital marketing. What the app does is keep you on your toes to finish all the activities you intended for that day. You can track the time you spend on your computer and also get data that helps you fix bad habits.


Real estate agents have made Slack one of the best real estate apps for communicating with fellow agents, lead brokers or colleagues at your place of work. Create any chat room and invite appropriate members to join. Slack makes it easy for you and the people you work with to stay on the same page regarding sales activities and your short and long-term goals. Chat and exchange ideas in the office, in the field or at home.


In the past, the only password you needed to have was one for Yahoo and Hotmail.   But today you can literally go mad if you try keep track of all your passwords for every single email client, website account, and social network. This is where 1Password comes in. This app allows you to enter all your passwords and enter the — you guessed it — one password you or the app creates for you to use the platforms in question.


Agents are always on their smartphones or computers typing something. If you only knew how much time you wasted typing you would find a better way to do it. Swype comes in to reduce your typing errors to nothing. So how does it work? It recognizes the intent for which numbers, letters and characters the user wants to click and offers auto correct. The app also creates a customer dictionary where you can add terms you frequently use in emails, docs or texts.

Dark Sky

Most people no longer trust the built-in weather apps on Androids or iPhones. In some cases, they fail to update you on the latest weather reports for certain regions. The Dark Sky uses intricate technology to predict the weather systems of a particular community. This app determines when it will snow or rain down to the very minute. As a real estate agent, you will have a comprehensive weather forecast for the hours and days ahead of you. This means that you can know when to plan your next open house or private showing.

AM Open House

There are many apps on the market that work perfectly fine. So what makes AM Open House better?  It’s automated to follow-up on emails, is real estate CRM integrated with several platforms, and also has a digital sign-in sheet. You can also use the app to share how the open house event went down once it’s over. You can also update your clients with general notes and thoughts on the people who walked in. Let them know the exact number of prospective buyers, etc etc.


Whether you leave early for showings and open houses or not, road conditions aren’t always in your favor.  Waze works best to help you know the best routes to take wherever your location is. You don’t have to worry about being stuck behind a construction crew or delay in a traffic jam that doesn’t seem to be moving. This app crowdsources trusted real time information on traffic solutions faster.

Real Estate by Trulia

Agents can use this location-based app to find the nearby listings. The “open house” tab helps you find out what’s available to view on a given day.  Agents also love the heat map feature that shows insecure neighborhoods or areas that are always hit by floods.  You can also make use of the amenities tab to know the best nearby restaurants.  And with the help of YELP, the app helps you know whether or not the restaurant gets solid reviews.  You can also find nearby grocery stores and gas stations to recommend to your client. The best part is that the app is compatible with iPod touch, iPad and iPhone. However, it requires iOS 5.0 or later. It is available for Android as well.


The modern design and great features make Lovely a good real estate app. This is a location-based app that makes it easy for real estate agents to find places nearby. Agents can store their preferences and set alerts so that they may know when something new hits the market. Once agents have identified the best places their clients can live, they can save them to their “favorites” for future reference.  Pet lovers also consider this app the best pet-friendly app in the market. By selecting “dogs OK” or “cats OK”, you will know whether pets are welcome in the neighborhood or not. The app is also compatible with iPod touch, iPad and iPhone. However, it requires iOS 5.0 or later. It is also available for Android.


Concur is regarded as one of the best apps for real estate agents who wish to keep their bosses updated about their activity. One of the benefits of becoming a real estate agent is the occasional trips to some of the industry’s best conferences. The hassle of expensing your purchases becomes inevitable once you start going on a number of these trips. This is where Concur comes in. If you want to keep your superiors posted, all you have to do is snap photos of your receipts and you will be covered for lodging, food and other travel expenses. The app ensures you stay under budget.

Apple Pay

This new mobile wallet technology hasn’t been utilized by every retailer, restaurant and vendor but it is evident that every purchase you make at brick-and-mortar stores who do accept the service can be made by just tapping your phone. This premier mobile wallet solution is what real estate agents need when making purchases. Although the adoption process hasn’t been quick as anticipated among agents and stores alike, the tools it has are worth checking out.

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Nathaniel Berman is the Co-Founder and Editor in Chief of BC Media Group and all its properties.


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