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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you determine your rankings?
Our rankings are determined based on sales volume for your selected search criteria, as reported by various credited third party sources and public records.

Can I change my photo, bio, or featured listing after it has been posted?
Yes, please use your login credentials to gain access to your profile.

What if my login credentials aren’t working?
Please email us at [email protected] and we will resolve the issue

I closed additional sales during this month that have not been reported, or are “off the books” – can you add those sales to my closed sales volume?
Unfortunately, no. In order for our ranking process to remain consistent from month to month, we can only base our rankings off of officially reported sales.

I closed transactions in multiple regions this month – can I count them all together to make the Top 20?
If we can incorporate the data in various searches, we will count them based on that search.

Can I be listed in more than one region?
Yes. You can be listed in any region in which your licensed and provide your service

Can I pay to be on the site?
No, agents are featured on the site based solely on closed residential sales volume. That said, there are sponsorship opportunities if you or your firm would like to get in front of our more visitors on the site.

How can I be a sponsor for the site?
Please see the Sponsors page or email us at [email protected] for more info

As an agent why would I want to be listed on your site?
The site highlights agents’ sales achievements as determined by various credited third party sources, which provides agents with an additional marketing platform that is unbiased, current, and free of charge. The way the site is set up also encourages visitors to view each agent’s firm page and each agent’s current featured listing in order to cultivate leads to potential buyers and sellers. With each agent’s profile being subsequently featured on the Boston’s Top 20 Facebook page and via our Twitter handle, @BostonTop20, this provides agents with the ability to market themselves further increasing the particular agents’ exposure and recognition among their peers.

As an consumer why would I want to use your site?
We have negotiated money saving discounts on your behalf not available to the
general public.

Will I receive a bunch of junk mail as a result of being featured on your site?
We pay a premium through the host site to protect against spam, etc., however,
neither we nor they can guarantee that all spam will be blocked.

Why doesn’t the link to my profile work anymore?
After the month during which an agent is being featured comes to an end and the next month’s Top 20 profiles are published, the previous month’s Top 20 profiles are archived. Visitors to the site can view previous months’ rankings by clicking on the Archives menu, and we at Boston’s Top 20 maintain each agent’s full profile in storage until the next time the agent is featured on the site.